Now that my somewhat robust computer has laughed hysterically and duly
chastened me and my folly, I'm here to tell you that even a meta-book
for one category won't work, apart from further scaling. FM tried
valiantly to add 1,696 chapter files to a book before indulging in
aforesaid laughter. It must have appreciated how I'd trimmed the number
down from twice that and more. But, alas, FM finally quit, stared at me
glassy-eyed, not responding. 

There must be a Plan B. Smaller books (what's the upper bound on number
of docs)? Framescript? None of the above?


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Pinkham, Jim wrote:

> If one has a figure at
> c:\docs\manuals\widgets\bigredwidget.eps, is there a ready way to 
> determine what FM manuals are importing bigredwidget.eps by reference?

Art's on the right track, but I strongly recommend you generate an
_Index_ of References, not a List. The latter will list imported
graphics in order of occurrence, while the former will list them in
alphabetical order. That makes Art's idea of making a table and sorting

Also, you can make one or more new "metabooks" containing all the FM
files from all your manuals (or some reasonable subset, like all for one
product, release, whatever), and use the metabook(s) just for generating
the index(es) of references. That reduces or eliminates the need to
merge multiple lists. 


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