Gordon McLean wrote:
> I've been asked to re-work an old document and the source docs are in
> FrameMaker 5. No problem, I thought, as version 7 should just upgrade them
> but...
> I'm getting errors and can't open the files. I can't decide whether the ZIP
> files have been corrupted, or whether it's a FrameMaker issue and as my
> predecessors seemed to have binned the old version 5 CDs (or hid them very
> well!) I'm kinda stuck.
> Any suggestions? Is version 5 available to buy anywhere? I can't find a
> source for it at all.

Gordon, you can try the "open heroic" command: Tap these keys 
in sequence - Escape o H (uppercase H). If it opens and is 
readable, save it to a new name and proceed working with it. 
If it fails, it's most likely that the file is corrupt.

FM 7 should open files as far back as FM 5.



Peter Gold
KnowHow ProServices

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