Hi, Steve-

> Stick to the base 
> character set, alphanumerics, no spaces, for your element names.

Are hyphens okay? All my element names are alpha only, no spaces, but
two have hyphens in them...

I'm also going to try your suggestion of conditionalizing element defs
for use in the DTD. However, that doesn't ease my mind completely, as my
FM-generated DTD still had an error in it, even though it was saved from
a single-element EDD. 

The EDD only defines the Structured Application and a single element:
EDD Version is 7.0
Structured Application: RetalixRN
Element (Container): Element
   General rule: <ANY>

That's it. The DTD is saved without error, which is a little better than
what I'm getting with my working EDD, but the DTD is still invalid
according to FM.
Here is the text of the resulting DTD:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<!--DTD for Element. Typically invoked by
      <!DOCTYPE  Element  SYSTEM

<!ELEMENT Element    ANY >

Is there something in there that I need to tweak to get FM to take it?
Thanks for all the help!

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