documentation, which I currently have in unstructured Frame. In an
effort to wow my manager and spare myself sudden, shocking, and
twitch-inducing stress, I'm being *proactive* about this. My long-term
goal (once I get all these darn alligators off my ass) is to use DITA.
In the short term, I'm investigating ways to convert FM to HTML.=20


WebWorks Standard doesn't seem to do enough; for example, I can't set up
macros for handling tables and character formats. WebWorks Pro handles
the stuff I want, but the price tag would go over like a dirigible made
of depleted uranium. I don't know much about MIF2GO, but I have heard
good things about it. I am going to look at the demo version; meanwhile,
I eagerly(?) await your experiences, opinions, and general rants and
raves about either or both of these products.


I have tried using the conversion tool in FM itself, but the
documentation for it is, shall we say, a bit sparse...




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