may not be.
"As designed" means that you set the numbering of the component files
in the Book, and from your description it sounds as if you're
controlling numbering by setting each component file's local settings.

Assuming each of your documents is a discrete file, in the Book
window, right click the first document in a "new topic" series.
Right-click, select Numbering, and on the Page tab, set it up to start
at page 1. Set and save. Then select all the subsequent files in the
topic, right-click > numbering > select Continue numbering... Set and
save again.

Update the book, check the numbering, and if it's working, repeat for
your other topic sets.


On 8/27/07, Carol Wade <Carol.Wade at> wrote:
> I have a book that contains two types of documents - one type to start a
> new topic, (I call them "new topic" docs) and other that contains
> information about that topic (I call them "detail documents"). All
> documents that discuss a given topic have the same volume number (and
> this is working). However, I want the page number to restart with each
> "new topic" document. So, I have the new topic documents' Numbering
> Properties set to "First Page# 1, Format Numeric," and the detail
> documents' Numbering Properties set to "Continue Numbering from Previous
> Page in Book." Numbering does restart correctly in the new topic docs,
> but numbering in the detail documents is continuous throughout the book
> - as if it had not restarted in the new topics doc.
> Is this "as designed?" Is there some workaround available?
> I'm using FrameMaker 7.2 and Acrobat 8.
> Thanks!
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