The ruling line is most likely now behind the expanded header text

You can grab it by dragging a box around it - be sure you start outside
the header text frame and do not completely enclose the header frame
with the selection rectangle.

Or, you can select the header frame and send it to the back via the
graphics menu.  You will then be able to simply click to select the

Another possibility, although it does not seem as if this is the case
from your description, is that the 'header' paragraph format has a
"frame below" set to display the line.  If that is the case, simple add
your desired second line of information in the header and the line
should reposition automatically.

I find the latter case to be 'poor design' as this will result in an
uneven appearance if you have some master pages with single-line headers
and some with double-line headers.

On Monday, November 05, 2007 05:21 AM, David Kuhn wrote:

| I need to modify a master page header.
| The modification includes adding a 2nd line to the header and 
| inserting the book name variable.
| I can expand the background text frame and insert the variable.
| The problem is that the blue line that was below the 1st 
| header line now exists between the two header lines.
| I need to delete it, but I can't seem to grab it.
| Any tips?
| David Kuhn
| Technical Writer

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