Jeremy H. Griffith wrote:
> The trouble with this solution is that you have now removed the
> line from every other header that has just one line.  If you apply 
> the change only to the current instance to avoid that, you have 
> an override, which will disappear if the formats are updated from 
> a template.  This isn't good practice.
> Another way for the OP to handle this problem is to keep the header 
> one paragraph, but add a second line to it using Shift-Enter.  Then
> the blue line will remain below the second text line, and no changes 
> to the format are required.

An alternative would be to draw the blue line along the bottom of the 
header frame on the master page(s) and leave the pgf tags with no Frame 
Below referenced.  Then it wouldn't matter if the header content was one 
line or two, and you wouldn't need to add blank lines.

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