Dan Vint wrote:

>  As these files are saved back to Native (via FrameScript) 
> I'm getting the following error/warning from Frame:
>  <<SnagIt.jpg>>
> This has occurred on 4 different books, not sure if they have 
> been all Frame 6 or not, but this last one is 6. One of the 
> books we couldn't track the problem down and had to rebuild 
> it. The other 3 seem to all be related to embedded OLE 
> graphics. Is there some known problem with OLE embedded 
> graphics or an issue with saving from MIF back to Native?

I haven't a clue about your MIF washing process, but why in the world
would you use OLE, with all its overhead and potential problems, to
import JPEG graphics, for which FM has a filter? Use File > Import >
File, not File > Import > Object. 

For that matter, don't use JPEG for screen shots (I'm guessing from the
SnagIt reference that that's what you're dealing with) -- it's a lossy
format best suited to continuous-tone images like photos and poorly
suited to reproducing sharp edges and text. Better choices are PNG, GIF,
and TIF. FM can import all three file types -- no OLE, please! :-) 


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