This is my understanding of the process and I believe the issue is OLE
although one of the problem files we couldn't pin down an exact problem.
So I think I know what the coarse of action will be - remove all uses of
OLE. But its hard to understand why these documents seemed to work under
dzBatcher doing exactly the same steps. Its this aspect that may give me
trouble in trying to convince people to not do this.

Thanks everyone for the insights provided.


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        From: Fred Ridder [mailto:docudoc at] 
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        Subject: RE: Possible Frame6+SGML Issue only MIF to Native and
OLE graphics

        Dan Vint (dvint at asked:
        > To support OLE reading the graphic back in, do I need to have
        > original application? This is the primary difference I could
think of.
        > Out build machine might not have Office for something from
Word for
        > instance, but that would be common on our personal machines.

        As far as I know, OLE requires not only that the originating
        be installed on every machine that will use the file, but that
it's the 
        same version of the tool and is installed in a directory of the
        name in the same relation to the FrameMaker installation. It's
        unreasonably tall order unless you have a *very* methodical (and
        dictatorial...) IT department, which is why it is so risky to
use OLE 
        embedding rather than simple file linking. 

        Fred Ridder


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