Orly Zimmerman (orlyz at marvell.com) asked:>
> Does anyone have an idea as to what the FM sequence is for a
> non-breaking slash - you know, like a non-breaking space is
> "Control-Space" and non-breaking hyphen is "Esc - h" - 
> I couldn't find it in the help - so if the answer is that there is none
> - how would you prevent "I/O" within a sentence from breaking at the end
> of a line (assuming you cannot control the page width)?

FrameMaker does not have a non-breaking slash. The best you can 
do is to remove it from the list of characters where FrameMaker will
break a line. Go to Format>Document>Text Options and delete the
slash from its default position at the beginning of the list in the
"Allow Line Breaks After" box. (The other "break" characters that
are specified by default are the hyphen, the en-dash and the 
em-dash.)  Note that this setting is on a *per-file* basis, and 
that it is dangerous to try to import it from one file into others 
because it is lumped together with a bunch of unrelated items in
the "Document Properties" group in the Import Formats dialog.

Fred Ridder

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