Kenneth Benson (kbenson at suggested (in part):
> For Frame 8 (I don't have it yet) you *might* be able to disallow breaks 
> at slashes and then selectively re-allow breaks at slashes by following 
> the slash with a zero width space (U+200B, I don't know how to get one 
> except by copying it from Character Map). This doesn't work in Frame 7.2 
> (because 7.2 is not Unicode-aware).
This approach might also work with thin spaces in older versions of 
FrameMaker, which are not zero width but are unnoticeablke to at least
98% of readers. But I must admit that I've never tested to see if 
FrameMaker does indeed break lines after thin spaces, and it's too 
late in the evening to trust the results if I try it now. :^)

Fred Ridder

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