Hi Jon...

The best path I've seen is to use Perl to merge all of the files into a 
single HTML file, and use HTML Tidy to convert that to XHTML. You can 
open the XHTML file in Frame using the XHTML structure application.


If your files have any scripting or "special" coding, you should strip 
this out before converting.



Scott Prentice
Leximation, Inc.

Jon Harvey wrote:
> Everyone,
> I have about 1300 (yes, 1300) text-only (no graphics, maybe no tables
> either but I'm not sure) HTML files that I need to combine into a single
> document in Frame 7.2 (windows). With so many files, I either need an
> automated method for converting them one at a time or some kind of batch
> method for converting them all at once. Does anyone know of a method for
> converting a large number of files from HTML to a single FM
> document?.......Jon

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