David Kuhn wrote:

> I tried to insert a Running Header 5, just changing the 
> definition that exists from <$paratext[H1_Heading1]> to 
> <$paratext[Part]>.
> There is already a Part paragraph format defined, but it 
> exists only in the Part document type, not the Chapter document type.
> But when I switch from the Master Pages view to the Body 
> Pages view, this line does not appear at all. 

There's no such thing in FM as a "Part document type," there are only
chapters (.fm files) and books (.book files). If you're putting the Part
title page in its own chapter (.fm file), then the paratext from its
pgfs isn't available in subsequent chapter files. In order for the
Running H/F in a chapter file to display the text of a Part pgf, that
pgf must be in the file. 

As Art noted, you can use the Volume Number variable for your part
numbers. But if you want to display a part title in all the chapters in
that part, you'll have to use a workaround (listed in descending order
of preference, IMHO, and excluding my first choice, which would be not
to do this at all): 

-- Create a Part Name user variable, with a different definition for the
chapters in each part. 

-- Use a cross-reference to the Part pgf in the headers, with different
xrefs (and thus master pages) for the chapters in each part.

-- Create a tiny, invisible (white text) pgf containing the part name
somewhere in each chapter file.

-- Put all the chapters in a part into the same FM chapter (.fm) file,
and use old-style (pre-v.6) numbering for chapter numbers. 


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