Art Campbell wrote:

> Actually, you can set the contents of $volnum to hold 
> user-specified text, which is the method I was thinking of 
> using... Then just plug it in either to the user variable, or 
> into the header.

<slap_forehead />Of course! David mentioned needing both the part number
and name, so it didn't occur to me that you could combine the two, if
you didn't mind hard-coding the number as part of a text string. 

On the Volume tab of Numbering Properties, set Volume # to (for
instance) "Part 1 Getting Started," and Format to Text. 

If you move a chapter (or rearrange the parts), you'll have to manually
change the numbering, but this workaround goes at the top of my list.
Thanks for straightening me out, Art! :-)


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