You probably figured this out already, but in case not, try something
like this:

message URL
mailto:paul.inbar at at

I think the trick is that & between the two fields. Also note how spaces
are indicated (in the subject, for example)

You can also specify default body by adding &body=blah%20blah, e.g. 

message URL
mailto:paul.inbar at at

Anyway, I hope this helps


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Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2007 8:10 PM
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Subject: Creating hypertext markers for default email values

Hi all

I've tried to post a message to the list a couple of times this morning
neither appears to have gone through. If they have, I apologize for the
multiple posting.

Does anyone know the syntax for a hotlink to an email address in
7.0p492, Windows XP home? I have got the syntax for the mailto portion
the Subject line and would like to automatically include a carbon copy
value too.

I appreciate any help you can offer....

Jerilynne Knight
Simply Written, Inc.

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