WebWorks does many things well. It has three major downsides:

1. Price
2. Support is OK, but major issues get ignored
3. Documentation gets a 0 out of 10

Other than that, it has many positive interfaces: a very Macintosh-like
intuitive interface, a sensible file layout, a lot of customizability,
and so on.

One question: do you really need to upgrade, or can you modify your old
templates to do what new ones must?

--- Pat Fortino <pxforti at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Anyway, I just talked to Webworks about upgrading my Webworks Pro
> 2003. First of all, they told me there is no upgrade path; I have to
> pay full price again, $1900. And that's only for a specific named
> user; each extra user is ONLY $900. Totally rediculous.

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