Hi Pat,

The tool you are looking for is called Mif2Go, and you can find it at

The company is very much still in business, and its owner (?) Jeremy
Griffiths is very active on this list. It is much more reasonably priced
than WebWorks but a bit more challenging to learn. However, Jeremy is
extremely helpful and supportive if you run into problems. It should do
whatever you need (assuming all you need is what you described...). 

Chuck Beck

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Charles.Beck at infor.com 

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Sorry if this question has been answered already; I tried to find a
place to search the framer's archive for my questions, but can't find
it. Is there a way to search the archive?

Anyway, I just talked to Webworks about upgrading my Webworks Pro 2003.
First of all, they told me there is no upgrade path; I have to pay full
price again, $1900. And that's only for a specific named user; each
extra user is ONLY $900. Totally rediculous.

Anyway, I am a small company and cannot afford to pay $2000 for an
add-on frame utility that I use only once in a while. Can anyone suggest
an alternative. I once looked into Flare, and they claim Flare can use
the frame files as a source, so I assume I could still single source for
print and online help.

Also, I remember a tool called miftogo, but I cannot find anything in
google about where to buy it. Is this company still in business. If so,
will it does what webworks does; eg, convert a frame book to an online
help format?

Thanks for any help.

Pat Fortino
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 - Technical Writing
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