Adobe Reader and Acrobat both select the PostScript language level
based entirely upon the PostScript language level specified in the
device's .PPD (PostScript Printer Definition) file. If your colleague's
printer doesn't work properly with the default PostScript language level
set in the PostScript options in Reader, one of the following is true:

(1)     Your colleague's printer driver is setup for the wrong device
model - i.e., setup for a PostScript language level 3 printer model as
opposed to a PostScript language level 2 printer model. Solution is to
delete the PostScript printer driver instance and then install the
for the correct printer model.

(2)     Your colleague's printer (a Hewlett-Packard "CloneScript" device
- the species of which is known to be fairly unreliable) does not
implement one or more PostScript language level 3 constructs although it
doesn't choke on the comparable PostScript language level 2 constructs.
Solution is to manually edit the device's .PPD file to indicate language
level 2 (instead of 3), delete the corresponding .BPD file, and reboot.
The driver will recreate the .BPD from the edited .PPD file.

        - Dov

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> All,
> Posting on behalf of a colleague who is NOT a TW and who works in a
> location that has no TWs on site or any support for "writing" related
> issues. When trying to print to any PDF from Adobe Reader (7.0 with
> patches/updates) to an HP printer, supposedly Adobe Reader picks the
> correct PostScript level (1, 2, or 3) based on the selected printer.
> default value is PostScript Level 3 in Reader and the automatic
> selection of the correct level doesn't fly when the printer is
> He has to manually change the postscript level to 2. Is there a way to
> set the default level to PostScript Level 2 so that every single time
> prints a PDF he doesn't have to remember to do this?  (I have searched
> online for answers to this, but the Adobe Reader User's guide just
> the claim that the Adobe Reader picks the correct PostScript level (1,
> 2, or 3) based on the selected printer) and numerous bugs/issues
> this problem (in particular, when updating to 8) are all over the
> forum.
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