Hi Carol,

Here is what I do, although I don't claim it is the best.

- I have defined a paragraph style that is single spaced and which uses a 
mono-space font. It has NO tab stops.

- When I have a code sample, I first paste it into a text editor called 
UltraEdit-32, change all the tabs to spaces (UltraEdit has a command for doing 
all at once. You can set how many spaces each tab should become). I do this 
because when I convert to HTML, I find that tabs are problematic, and that I 
don't have control over the length of the tab settings in someone's browser. As 
a result, if my code sample has tabs, it is possible that it will look like 
sh...well, hell in a browser.

- While in UltraEdit, I also search for "smart" items such as smart quotes that 
might have crept in. This might happen, say, when a developer copies and pastes 
some code into a Word document, which you then get as the source material. It 
is important to get the "smart" stuff out if it isn't meant to be there, 
because you have to allow for the possibility that a user of your document 
might want to cut and paste your example into a program and run it. 

- After this, I paste sample into Frame and apply the paragraph format.

Sounds a bit complicated but goes pretty fast once you get used to it.

I too am interested to hear what others do.


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I'm wondering how other FrameMaker users handle formatting XML and other 
computer code samples in text. I have tried a couple of approaches and am not 
satisfied with either. 

One approach I've taken is to create a paragraph tag that contains regularly 
spaced tabs. This requires that I reformat the code when imported into Frame, 
which can be labor-intensive.

The other approach I've taken is to take screen shots of the code. Yuck! (for 
obvious reasons).

I hope I'm missing something here.

Thanks for your advice!

- Carol
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