Thanks, all who responded. Over time, I'll try all the approaches & will report 

Art: What is the advantage of putting the text in a table, with each line a 
separate row? (which I assume can be done automatically based on carriage 

Paul: I'm downloading UltraEdit now - looks like a good tool!

- Carol> Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007 07:33:09 -0500> From: art.campbell at> To: carol_r_wade at> Subject: Re: Formatting XML and 
other computer code> CC: framers at> > I copy it from the screen 
into FM as raw text with Paste Special >> Text with a para at the end of each 
line. If it has too many tabs, you> can do a find-and-replace to clean them out 
or convert to multiple> spaces.> Then convert it to a single column table, one 
line per cell.> The para tag for each cell is a 6 or 7 point monospace font, 
such as Courier.> > Art> > On Nov 14, 2007 4:24 PM, Carol Wade <carol_r_wade at> wrote:> >> > I'm wondering how other FrameMaker users handle 
formatting XML and other computer code samples in text. I have tried a couple 
of approaches and am not satisfied with either.> >> > One approach I've taken 
is to create a paragraph tag that contains regularly spaced tabs. This requires 
that I reformat the code when imported into Frame, which can be 
labor-intensive.> >> > The other approach I've taken is to take screen shots of 
the code. Yuck! (for obvious reasons).> >> > I hope I'm missing something 
here.> >> > Thanks for your advice!> >> > - Carol> > -- > Art Campbell 
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