I found a way to insert lines and arrows in FM in such a way that they 
move with the text flow, thereby staying where they belong. Insert an 
anchored frame and select Outside Column for the location. You can then 
drag the frame horizontally wherever you want, and move it vertically by 
dragging the resize handles. With this method, the anchored frame stays 
in the same relative location to the point of insertion. And any drawing 
lines that you drag into the anchored frame move together with the 
anchored frame.

Shmuel Wolfson

Theresa de Valence wrote:
> Hello Framers,
> One of my techniques for quickly conveying an idea is to use a small
> line drawing (lines, boxes, circles and text). I have been doing these
> drawings in Frame for many years, having never developed any greater
> flexability with any other drawing software.
> These drawing files are imported as Text Insets.  
> In this way I have NO control over how the drawing appears in the
> document flow. If I put the drawing into an anchored frame, my only
> choice is "run into paragraph" which places the drawing on the left side
> of the paragraph.
> Originally I may have used Text Insets because of memory considerations.
> Or perhaps because i sometimes have reused the drawing in another place.
> Neither of these issues is particularly relevant in the present case.
> How do you control where an image shows up in the text?
> How many other people use graphics feature in Frame to draw things?
> Do people have recommendations for other relationships for adding simple
> line drawings?
> Thanks,
> Theresa de Valence 
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