Rob Shell asked: > I am still using FM 8.2 on an XP platform with 4 gigs of 
ram. My pdf project > is at 5,677 pages; heavily indexed and illustrated. I am 
having problems > generating a pdf in the "save as" method. Crashes with no 
clues except the > arcane (to me) generated error file. Have I arrived at the 
outer reaches? > Shorter files (1,000 pp) generate as smoothly as silk. Must I 
move to > structured format? No, most likely you simply have something on one 
particular page thatone or both of the tools doesn't like.  Have you tried 
printing the document to PostScript and then distilling the PostScript 
explicitly? That way you can see whether the glitch is in the way FrameMaker 
and the printer driver produce the PostScript or in the way Distiller processes 
the PostScript to PDF (both of which happen "under the hood" in the Save As 
PDF" method). 

And whatever error message(s) you get should identify the page on 
which the tool choked, so you can zero in on the problem area that 
way. (Note that Acrobat will often report that it was printing a page 
that is one or two pages in front of where the actual problem is located, 
because there are usually a couple of pages in the pipeline at any 
given moment.) Once you have an approximate page number for the 
failure, you can verify that you can successfully print all pages up 
to the problem area, and whether attempting to print a page range 
starting at the problem area still produces a fault. Then it's usually
a matter of examining the pages in the problem area and figuring out
what the tool is choking on. I recently had a case where one particular
figure would *always* crash Distiller if it was inserted as PDF (even
after replacing the figure with a new PDF image freshly generated from 
the Visio source) but worked fine if inserted as EPS. Also, what printer driver 
are you using? Unless it's the "Adobe PDF"driver, you could be running up 
against some peculiarity in a driverthat is designed for a physical output 
device rather than PDF creation. -Fred Ridder
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