I get literally hundreds of junk messages in foreign languages every
day. (I counted, on Wed I had 110 in Cyrillic, 27 in Asian characters, 6
in German, and 11 in Spanish.) Thankfully, about 98% are caught by our
office spam filters, but I still have to review the junk folder as it
sometimes does contain real messages (sigh)

On Wednesday, November 21, 2007 06:07 PM, Diane Gaskill wrote:

| So do I.  And not only at home, but at work. How they got my 
| work email address is a mystery. I'm not subscribed to any
| lists from my work address.
| Diane
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| I get Japanese or Chinese, Hebrew, and Cyrillic spam at times.
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| Ann Zdunczyk

- Lester 
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