Hi Gillian, Fred, and Art,

They know about Acrobat and its capabilities, but they want to do it in the
source.  FM8's track changes feature has only two colors: red strikeout for
deleted text and green underline for added text.  Other than that, it works

Adobe's ads and the FM8 user's guide are a bit misleading.  They call
colored text "highlighting."  Well, maybe in a generic sense, but it's what
most people consider highlighting.

What they are looking for is a way to identify different people who make
edits to the same file.  Word does that well (but not much else :-)

Fred Ridder's idea about using conditional text might work.  We'd just have
to set up some tags with different colors.  But Art's idea of a set of
character tags might be the easiest way to go.  Very easy to return to the
original color by pressing F8.  Ctrl-A - F8 - Enter would clean up a whole
chapter in 5 seconds.

I'll let the guys in Japan know.  They don't have FM8 yet.  Some of them
don't have FM at all.

The transition from Word to FM is going to be really interesting, I think.

Thanks everybody.


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In Acrobat you can do that. Just make a PDF for them and they can mark
that up. Or they can use the track changes feature in Frame 8.0.

Thank you,

Gillian Flato
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Hello FrameFriends,

We are switching from Word to FM (some of us are already using FM8), but
colleagues in Japan still want to be able to highlight things like they
in Word. (Old habits are hard to break, I guess.)

So - I'm looking for an FM plug-in that will let you highlight text.

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.


Diane Gaskill
Hitachi Data Systems


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