Actually, what works better is to create new landscape pages based on
the existing portrait pages. The following instructions are for a
two-sided document, but if your document is single-sided, then only the
instructions for the Right page would apply.

1.) Go to master pages.
2.) Add two new master page, calling it LandScape Left and Landscape
3.) On the newly named landscape page, select Format > Customize Layout
> Rotate Page and rotate CW for the right page and CCW for the left
4.) Using the zoom button, select Fit Page in Window so that you can see
all the contents (main body flow and headers and footers) on the page.
5.) Next, you will need to rotate the contents on the page. Sometimes, I
delete the header and footer columns (because I can make new headers and
footers later) and shrink the main text column down so that I can access
the handles on the edge of the main text flow. The I select the main
text column and the I select Graphics > Rotate and then rotate it CCW
for the right page and CW for the left page.
8.) Now, resize the main text column (select it and stretch it) and then
add new headers and footers (if you deleted them) or simply resize them.
Don't forget to set new tab stops for the H/Fs since they are a
different size than for the portrait pages.
9.) Make sure that the flow symbols on each text column is indeed on the
left side of the page (or you rotated something in the wrong direction.)



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Subject: Rotating a master page (body) from landscape to portrait

Hello Framers,

I have a book which had files which were both portrait and landscape.
The document was formatted using MasterPageMaps reference page. Since
the majority of pages were landscape, the default lwft/right "body"
pages were landscape. 

I am stealing this document to use as the structure of a new book, but I
would like to change the default left/right body pages to be portrait. 

Could you advise how to rotate the master page left/right from landscape
to portrait? (I am using Frame 8 but the book was written in 7.2)

Theresa de Valence

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