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rather than rotate the page format in a copy of the existing document
template, I would instead create a new blank portrait document and
import all the other formatting elements (everything except "Page
Layouts") into it from one of the existing files.  

You mention structure, but I am not sure if you mean it in the sense of
an SGML or XML document or merely in the sense of the formatting and
layout framework that a template provides.  If the former, you will also
need to import the element definitions from the existing files to the
new template.  The underlying EDD if this is truly a structured document
will almost certainly need to be edited as well, as it may set many
format properties based on the assumption of the page width, which is
now much smaller.

If you need to, you can selectively copy and paste headers from the
master pages of the 'landscape' document to the new portrait one.  You
will have to adjust the size appropriately, and probably edit tab stops
and perhaps indentation settings of the paragraph formats used in the
header/footer, but these are the same things you would have to do if you
rotate the pages.

On Wednesday, November 28, 2007 01:10 PM, Theresa de Valence wrote:

| Hello Framers,
| I have a book which had files which were both portrait and landscape.
| The document was formatted using MasterPageMaps reference page. Since
| the majority of pages were landscape, the default lwft/right "body"
| pages were landscape. 
| I am stealing this document to use as the structure of a new book,
| but I would like to change the default left/right body pages to be 
| portrait. 
| Could you advise how to rotate the master page left/right from
| landscape to portrait? (I am using Frame 8 but the book was written
| in 7.2)
| Theresa de Valence

- Lester 
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