Hi Joel:

1. If you click in a text line, it goes blank because the text lines are not
attached to structure.  Rather than using a text line or text frame, you
should keep everything connected in the structure.  That means adding
elements when more content is needed.  If you can clarify which of the Frame
8 templates you are using, I'd be happy to help you figure out the structure
and which element will produce the caption.  Our team made the templates so
I am familiar with most of the structures.

2. FrameMaker allows lines to break, unless you use the "hard space" you
mention below.  I don't know of a control.  You can control text spacing and
things like that to manually modify the text flow.

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Subject: Structured questions

Preface: I am trying to learn Structured Frame, XML and DITA - it's all new
to me.

1. I am using one of Frame 8's structured templates, and I inserted a
graphic. Now I want to add a caption, and I tried using a text line. the
Structure View window goes blank when I click on the text line. Do I need to
create an element to reflect this text line?

2. A general, dumb Frame question: How do I ensure that lines aren't
breaking, other than <Ctrl> + Spacebar between words?



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