I am not quite sure I understand what you are trying to do. It seems
to me you are mixing methods. On one hand you are using an
autonumbering of a paragraph and on the other hand you want to control
it with a system variable for page numbering. That, to my knowledge,
cannot be done. This is one of the things we are missing in FM: the
ability to assign leading zeros to the numbering. If you add leading
zeros like text in the autonumbering or before a page number the
number of zeros will always be the same.

One workaround would be to assign different set of master pages to
each given number of leading zeros (as I think I recall there was a
discussion about earlier this year). Whether you would have to
manually assign these master pages or you could make a [fake?]
paragraph or element that you put on the page starting the next level
(from 0009 to 0010 -- using the ref page master page assignment
system), would depend on your set of files.

There might be a possible solution doing this automatically with FrameScript.


On 10/3/07, Randall C. Reed <randall.reed at forceprotection.net> wrote:
> Listers:
> Unstructured Frame 7.2 on XP V2002 SP2: I've got 400 files in the book.
> I cannot get a "work package number" autonumber to work properly in the
> files at the beginning of the book. "P:000<n+>" just returns "0001".
> I've gone into the document menu on both the book and individual files
> and set the "Page" numbering feature to "Continue."  Updated book
> numerous times. Re-imported formats. When I add a hard number to the
> autonumber in an individual file, it immediately responds with the
> correct value on the page, so apparently the tag and function are
> working properly.
> - What will fix these random "bad" autonumbers?
> - If I "hardwire" the bad autonumber (change it from "P:000<n+>" to
> "P:0008", for example) with the following <n+> numbers pick up normally
> ("P:0009", etc., in this example)?
> This is crazy. It is just an autonumber. I've been using FM for 13 years
> and I know it is not suppose to be this hard to troubleshoot an
> autonumber problem. Except for digesting 400 files in the book, it
> should work like a champ, but it is not. What stupid thing am I doing
> wrong?
> TIA,
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