Good point Fred. My craziness is due to the fact that some are working
continuously, then another file comes up and BANG, I'm back to 001
again.  Not good...




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richard.combs at wrote:

> But the autonumber isn't a page number, it's a paragraph number. You
> need to set paragraph numbering to continue. Note, however, that this
> affects all paragraph autonumber series; you can't have, for instance,
> figure numbers restart while your package numbers continue. 

Just to amplify a bit:

If you set a file's paragraph numbering properties to "Restart", you 
cannot have a mixture of continuing and resetting counter values. 
The "Restart" setting affects *all* paragraph numbering series and 
there is no way for any of them to continue from the preceding 
file's value. 

But if you set the properties to "Continue", it *is* possible to reset 
a specific paragraph numbering series by formatting a paragraph 
with an autonumber formula that explicitly sets the appropriate 
counter elements in the series definition to the desired values.

Fred Ridder 


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