Brad Simmons wrote:

> Has Adobe finally gotten around to fixing that blasted "Times Font"
> problem? You know, the one where FrameMaker looks in vain for 
> the "Times font", and it will tell you that you don't have it 
> - even when it's on your PC? 

There's never been a "Times Font" bug that I'm aware of, and I can't
find any reference to one at Microtype's list of bugs and issues

Are you referring to the fact that FM's templates use a font named
Times, while your Windows PC ships with Microsoft's TrueType
semi-equivalent, Times New Roman? They aren't the same font. It would be
nice if FM had more user-friendly ways to resolve such issues than
editing the Fonts section of maker.ini, but the existing behavior
certainly isn't a bug. 

It's not really a problem either, if you know how to deal with it. The
mapping from Times to Times New Roman is already present in your default
maker.ini. So, if you turn off Remember Missing Font Names (in File >
Preferences), you'll only get the missing font warning one more time for
each doc using Times. FM will permanently replace it with Times New
Roman when you save. 

If you need to open FM files from others who use fonts you don't have,
you'll want to turn Remember Missing Font Names back on so that you
don't mess up their files.


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