I'm pretty comfortable with Frame to the extent that I know it, but don't
consider myself expert yet.
Using: Win XP Pro, Frame 7.1p116 (Unstructured)

What I'm trying to do:
Re-use text for a group of related product manuals. Each manual is its own
separate book, each chapter is its own separate Frame file.

Currently in each book, the respective "maintenance" chapter has
cross-references to both figures (in the current file) and headings in the
respective "Parts List" file (chapter) of the same book. (i.e ., for book
95-03022.book, 22-Maintenance.fm has cross references to Fig. 18, 19,
etc. (in the current file), and cross-references to "Optional Tools" on page
72 (where "Optional Tools" is one of the headings on page 72 in
22-Parts.fm(also part of

A lot of the text in the "maintenance" chapters is identical (or, ideally,
should be), except for the figure #'s in the same file or the page # of
the heading in a separate file ("See "Optional Tools" on page XX").

I want to use this same text in 3 or 4 manuals (one of the manuals is less
like the other 3, but does use some of the same text). I'm thinking I will
probably need to create multiple source files for each individual section of
text I want to inset.

I was able to find information in FrameMaker Help about "To insert a
cross-reference to a paragraph in a text inset" but it seems like that's
talking about inserting a cross-reference *elsewhere in the file* to a
paragraph contained *within the text inset*, and what I think I want to do
is the opposite: insert a cross reference *in the text inset* to a header or
figure *elsewhere in the book*, depending on which book/file this text inset
is inserted.
For example, in book 95-03022, the valve seat diagram is Figure 18, while in
95-03055, the valve seat diagram is Figure 19. And the "Optional Tools"
header is on page 72 in book 95-03022, but on page 74 in 95-03055.

So I want a cross reference in the text inset to "See Figure X" where it
will show up as Figure 18 when the text is in 95-03022 and Figure 19 when
the same text is in 95-03055. But I want the text to be a reference, so it
only needs to be edited (or translated) once.

Right now, these manuals exist as 4 separate books, and it seems like this
should be something Frame can handle, but I can't figure out exactly how to
go about doing it.


Lise Bible

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