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> I was able to find information in FrameMaker Help about "To 
> insert a cross-reference to a paragraph in a text inset" but 
> it seems like that's talking about inserting a 
> cross-reference *elsewhere in the file* to a paragraph 
> contained *within the text inset*, and what I think I want to 
> do is the opposite: insert a cross reference *in the text 
> inset* to a header or figure *elsewhere in the book*, 
> depending on which book/file this text inset is inserted.
> For example, in book 95-03022, the valve seat diagram is 
> Figure 18, while in 95-03055, the valve seat diagram is 
> Figure 19. And the "Optional Tools"
> header is on page 72 in book 95-03022, but on page 74 in 95-03055.
> So I want a cross reference in the text inset to "See Figure 
> X" where it will show up as Figure 18 when the text is in 
> 95-03022 and Figure 19 when the same text is in 95-03055. But 
> I want the text to be a reference, so it only needs to be 
> edited (or translated) once.

In theory, if each book is in its own directory and the destination
files have the same name in each book, you could do this: Insert a
marker of type Cross Ref at the destination of each xref, specifying
marker text that identifies the destination and using exactly the same
marker text (e.g., "optional tools") for the same destination in each

With the text inset source file in the same directory as one of your
books, create all the xrefs to that book, setting Source Type to Cross
Reference Markers and selecting the destinations by the marker text,
e.g., "optional tools." (Once that's done you can move the text inset
source file to wherever you store shared files, as long as you don't
mind getting unresolved xref messages when you open it.)

Since each book has an "optional tools" destination that's in a file of
the same name in the same relative location (current directory), the
xref should point to the correct place in every book where the text
inset is used.

But, that would require changing your file naming conventions (and maybe
your directory structure). Alternatively, you could do it with multiple
conditionalized xrefs.

You'll need a condition for each book (in both the text inset file and
the files of the books in which it will be used). Then, insert multiple
instances of each xref, one to each destination file (i.e., one for each
book), and apply the appropriate book-identifying condition to each.
When you import the text inset into each book, set it to use the current
doc's formats, and set up that doc/book to show that condition. 

Whatever solution you choose, if you deliver PDFs, be aware that the
xrefs inside the text insets won't become active hyperlinks in the PDFs.
The workaround is to convert all text insets to text just before
creating the PDF, and then close all the files without saving. Needless
to say, it's possible to screw up, so taking care, backups, and maybe a
scripted process are advisable. :-)


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