Hi all,

I'm laying out a manuscript in Frame 8 that is packed full of detailed
footnotes. This author is fond of them, and one footnote in particular spans
multiple pages. Word can allow footnotes to span pages. So far, it appears
that Frame's footnotes can't span pages.

I can't get into the merits of writing in long footnotes (whole 'nother
discussion), I'm stuck with them, and I didn't write them. When I get a
footnote that is longer than one page, even moving the maximum height as
high as possible (Format > Document > Footnote Properties > Maximum Height
Per Column), Frame goes into Footnote Freefall. The extra-long footnote
disappears, and all the other footnotes seem to lose their minds in the
process. they go onto one page per footnote at the end of the document.
Meaning they leave the bottoms of the pages throughout and go to the end,
one footnote per page, thus adding about 15-20 extra pages to the end of my
document, blank except for one footnote at the bottom of each. If I take out
the now disappeared long footnote (by deleting the footnote reference in the
text), all the other footnotes go back where they belong.

Has anyone seen this? Any ideas about how to deal with long footnotes in
Frame other than go back to the author and tell him to rewrite?


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