Hi Tina,

Footnote problems like you are experiencing is a known issue at least since 
FrameMaker 4, possibly earlier.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

> Hi all,
> I'm laying out a manuscript in Frame 8 that is packed full of detailed
> footnotes. This author is fond of them, and one footnote in particular 
> spans
> multiple pages. Word can allow footnotes to span pages. So far, it appears
> that Frame's footnotes can't span pages.
> I can't get into the merits of writing in long footnotes (whole 'nother
> discussion), I'm stuck with them, and I didn't write them. When I get a
> footnote that is longer than one page, even moving the maximum height as
> high as possible (Format > Document > Footnote Properties > Maximum Height
> Per Column), Frame goes into Footnote Freefall. The extra-long footnote
> disappears, and all the other footnotes seem to lose their minds in the
> process. they go onto one page per footnote at the end of the document.
> Meaning they leave the bottoms of the pages throughout and go to the end,
> one footnote per page, thus adding about 15-20 extra pages to the end of 
> my
> document, blank except for one footnote at the bottom of each. If I take 
> out
> the now disappeared long footnote (by deleting the footnote reference in 
> the
> text), all the other footnotes go back where they belong.
> Has anyone seen this? Any ideas about how to deal with long footnotes in
> Frame other than go back to the author and tell him to rewrite?
> Tina
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