Make sure that in your PDF settings, Generate Tagged PDF is turned ON.

Print to the PDF printer instead of using SaveAs...

And make sure that all FM files are open on your desktop before
printing to the PDF printer.


On 10/25/07, jeanbaptiste ouedraogo <ouedraogo.jeanbaptiste at> wrote:
> I have Frame v8.0 installed on my PC.
> When I open Frame 7.0 docs using the Frame 8.0 software and thereafter
> attempt to convert them into PDF, I encounter an internal error message [as
> stated below] and after which the Frame 8.0 automatically closes.
> The internal error message is "Internal Error 8004, 7744902, 7026295,
> 7005868. Framemaker has detected a serious problem and must quit."
> If anyone has encountered such a scenario and knows a workaround solution,
> please let me know.
> Thanks & Regards.
> Nihar
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