Dear Nihar,

I have not run into this specific problem, but have a suggestion. Try saving 
the document to 8.0 MIF. Then reopen the MIF and save it as a binary FM8 file. 
Try "save as PDF" with your new binary 8.0 file.

With past releases of FrameMaker I have found that saving to MIF then saving 
the MIF to binary sometimes deletes the code that may be causing the crash.

P.s. make a backup of your 7.0 documents before doing this.

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Subject: Conversion of Frame 7.0 docs [using Frame 8.0] into PDF

I have Frame v8.0 installed on my PC.
When I open Frame 7.0 docs using the Frame 8.0 software and thereafter attempt 
to convert them into PDF, I encounter an internal error message [as stated 
below] and after which the Frame 8.0 automatically closes.

The internal error message is "Internal Error 8004, 7744902, 7026295, 7005868. 
Framemaker has detected a serious problem and must quit."

If anyone has encountered such a scenario and knows a workaround solution, 
please let me know.

Thanks & Regards.


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