1. Before you make the PDF, at the book window select all the files,  and then 
choose View > Show/Hide Indicators. Turn off the condition  indicators there, 
and the conditioned text will have the same  formatting as unconditional text 
(provided that you didn't apply the  colors as character overrides).

  2. View > Text Symbols. When you apply a condition tag to a bulleted  item, 
if you don't include the paragraph end marker, the text will be  hidden, but 
the bullet will still show.

  Rene Stephenson

Brad Simmons <bsimmons at agleader.com> wrote:  Hello fellow FM users,

I'm delving into the world of conditional text for the first time since
I started using FrameMaker, and I've encountered a couple of unforseen
problems. I'm wondering if someone knows how to work around these?

1. First, I've marked the two versions of my manual with two different
colors. This is quite handy when I'm working with my file before I've
printed it. However, when I went to make the .PDF, I was surprised to
find that it preserved these colors in the PDF! I didn't want it to do
that - I want my conditional text to look like regular text. 

First Question: Is there any way I can specify that the colors are
viewed on the screen only, and not in the final outputted document?

2. Second, I've specified a number of bulleted items as conditional
text. FM had no problem making the text conditional, but it completely
ignored the bullets themselves, and thus I have bullets hanging out on
the page with no text after them. This looks pretty weird.

Second question: Is there a way to specify to FM that the bullets have
to be included with the conditional text?


Brad Simmons
Technical Writer
Ag-Leader Technology

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