Ben Hechter wrote:

>Having gained much from this list in such a short time, I would like to
>recommend Foxit, a decent PDF Reader for under 2.5MB
>While I have the greatest respect for PDF as a page description language
>(thank you Mr. Warnock!), I've also become increasingly frustrated with the
>number of plugins that have crept into the reader over the years.
>As a simple reader, Foxit is 90% smaller, although I would not recommend it
>for copying and pasting text.

Smaller file size (zip is 2.5MB, but it's 5.5 MB after 
expansion/installation) is at the expense of functionality.

FoxIt Reader does not handle many PDF features, including: page labels, 
highlights, bookmark properties and some actions, some form-related 
features and actions, attachments, Acrobat JavaScript, multimedia items, 
layers, 3D models.

No message is displayed when unsupported features are present in the PDF 
being displayed, so you don't necessarily know what is being handled 
improperly or ignored altogether.

Shlomo Perets

MicroType, * ToolbarPlus Express for FrameMaker
FrameMaker/Acrobat training & consulting * FrameMaker-to-Acrobat 

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