Further... if anyone is following this... there appear to two different Symbol 

. That installed here with FrameMaker 7.0 on Mac appears to be copyright Apple 
Computer and also appears to be Unicode

. That used by the originator of the documents appears to be copyright 
Monotype/Type Solutions and is not Unicode

However, creating a Mac version of the latter and installing it temporarily:

a. Does not change the existing maths character transpositions

b. Causes other character transpositions such as arrow characters (ASCII 174) 
turning into a circle with a diagonal through it (ASCII 198).

I have a workaround for the 'bad' equations, which is to use the author's PDFs 
and import them into the target FrameMaker document, but I absolutely need to 
diagnose this problem for the future. I have worked with FrameMaker equations 
cross-platform in the past, including some books with a very large volume of 
equations, without any problem of this sort.


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