I am trying to feather a book. However, there is one problem.
The book is The New Testament, that I have posted about several times
this summer. I ended up setting it up structured, as I ran into too
many problems with the InDesign-to-Word files. All that went well,
and, of course, I decided to save the last things until last. :-)

I have told about my problems with balanced columns (some lines
vanishing below the bottom of the text frame). This still is a
problem. In some files I can just uncheck that feature, but not
everywhere, I think.

FrameMaker lacks in Drop cap letters. All chapters have to be set in a
similar way, so I had to set them into an Run-into-paragraph Anchored
frame. This was a rather time consuming work. Which seemingly also
kills any possibility of feathering. This is also documented almost
not to show (pg 303 in the User Guide). :-(

If I feather, the flow only feathers on pages with no chapter numbers!

I have found no way around the anchored frame.

Does anyone have a way around this problem?

I am suddenly in a tight schedule as I have to deliver the final pdf
tomorrow instead of next weekend.

Thanks beforehand for any help.

Bodvar Bjorgvinsson

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