Hi Bodvar,

One clunky way of doing drop caps is to use subscript for the first 
character and set large values for your subscript values. Choose Format > 
Document > Text Options and try 280% for the Subscript Size and 115% for the 
Offset. Make sure the Line Spacing on your paragraphs is Fixed. You will 
still have to use non-breaking spaces to bump the second line past the drop 
cap character, but overall, this is easier than using anchored frames.

The other solution is to avoid feathering altogether. If you set all of your 
space above/below values to be muliples of your leading values, you can use 
Baseline Synchronization instead of Feathering to get balanced and aligned 

I will send you a drop cap sample to you separately. Thanks.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

>I am trying to feather a book. However, there is one problem.
> The book is The New Testament, that I have posted about several times
> this summer. I ended up setting it up structured, as I ran into too
> many problems with the InDesign-to-Word files. All that went well,
> and, of course, I decided to save the last things until last. :-)
> I have told about my problems with balanced columns (some lines
> vanishing below the bottom of the text frame). This still is a
> problem. In some files I can just uncheck that feature, but not
> everywhere, I think.
> FrameMaker lacks in Drop cap letters. All chapters have to be set in a
> similar way, so I had to set them into an Run-into-paragraph Anchored
> frame. This was a rather time consuming work. Which seemingly also
> kills any possibility of feathering. This is also documented almost
> not to show (pg 303 in the User Guide). :-(
> If I feather, the flow only feathers on pages with no chapter numbers!
> I have found no way around the anchored frame.
> Does anyone have a way around this problem?
> I am suddenly in a tight schedule as I have to deliver the final pdf
> tomorrow instead of next weekend.
> Thanks beforehand for any help.
> Bodvar Bjorgvinsson
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