Hi all-

Is there a known issue with vertical alignment in table cells (FM 7.2 on
Windows XP, unstructured)?

I don't use tables very often, but I have a small one that has a few
narrow columns that contain asterisks to indicate whether a condition is
met, and one column of text that describes the solution based on where
the asterisks fall.

I want the asterisks to be centered in the table cell, so I assigned
them all a paragraph tag that defines both their horizontal and vertical
alignment as centered.

What I'm getting is top alignment for the first row (below the header
row and the only single-line row in the table), center alignment for the
third row, which is the tallest row, and
top-to-center-well-I-guess-it's-close-enough alignment for the rest of
the rows.

The default table cell margins are all even (4.0 pt), and there are no
format overrides, either at the paragraph level or at the table format
level (as far as I can tell...).

What else should I be looking at?


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