I've built out a template for my group that includes a page of copyright 
boilerplate, which is in a file on one of the corporate servers. This works 
wonderfully: If legal decides to drop or assert a new copyright claim, I can 
update the central file, and the update is made immediately to all documents 
with no writer input required. Love it, love it, love it.

The problem is that one of the writers is a telecommuter with limited 
long-distance dialup access. When she opens a page, if the network isn't 
working, she can't do much for a minute while Frame figures out it can't find 
the page.

Possible solutions I'd like to get feedback on: Is there a default timeout 
setting in maker.ini or elsewhere I could change to lower this search to a 
tolerable delay? Or is there a way to persuade FrameMaker to look for the 
network and display an alternate local file if it can't find the include text 
it's looking for? Or perhaps you have solved this problem in a manner I haven't 
thought of...If so, do tell...

Thanks in advance,


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