Yes, in an ideal situation, this is certainly feasible and
recommended. However, not everyone has easy access to high-speed
networks, outside of satellite systems, which have their own issues. For
example, I lived outside of town in a development that had no cable
access, with outdated phone lines that didn't support DSL. That meant
there was no cable modem available, nor was there any access to DSL. The
ONLY way I could've had high-speed access would've been satellite.
However, as I said, there are issues there, as well, particularly when
you rent instead of own. I now live in town with DSL, as well as access
to a cable modem, if we desired. 

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John Posada wrote:
Our department of more than 12 writers has at least four writers who are
regular or FT telecommuters.

To allow us to do this, it is expected that we have our own
infrastructrure that supports any job functions we'd be doing in the
office. That includes having high-speed online access that handles any
departmental tools and processes, and the ability to participate in
conference calls without noise and distrractions.

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