Hello Framers,

I have had considerable sucess using FrameScript to import Excel data into 
FrameMaker. Here is a workflow example:

1) Put the insertion point in a paragraph.

2) Choose FrameScript > Import Table. You will be prompted for a spreadsheet 
file (*.xls).

3) You will be prompted with a list of all the worksheets in the 
spreadsheet. Select the one you want to insert.

The data is inserted in a fully-formatted FrameMaker table. You can continue 
to edit and update the data in Excel. To update the corresponding FrameMaker 
tables, you choose FrameScript > Update Tables and all of the tables are 
updated with the latest spreadsheet data.

This is only one example of what can be done; the process can be automated 
further. If you have any interest in an Excel to FrameMaker workflow, please 
contact me offlist with your specific requirements. Thank you very much.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

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