Howdy All -
I'd like to make an entry in my site dictionary to define the name  
"Red Hat" with embedded space so that both parts would always stay  
together and wrap if need be.  Using the old stand-by "\ " (backslash  
+ space) between "Red" and "Hat" in the site dictionary definitions  
doesn't seem to do the trick.  I know I can do a find and replace  
with a hard space and take care of the problem manually, but I would  
be interested in a more elegant solution.
Would ASCII code for the hard space do the trick?
I'm spamming the group rather than just experimenting since I feel  
that others might like to know the answer.
Will White
There is something fascinating about science.
One gets such wholesale returns of conjecture
out of such a trifling investment of fact. - Twain

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