Dell 490 Precision Workstation
2g memory
2-80g hard drvs
dual 20-in monitors
MSOffice . . . 2003-Word, Excel . . .
Adobe - Illus-10, Pshop-7, Acrob-5.5 w/Dist, FRAME-7.2.158
  Framescript, TableCleaner and ColorChameleon

Running Structured in Frame since '94, so by now I ought to know what I'm 
doing, however . . .

This DTD Code with the corresponding EDD code does yield . . .
<!ELEMENT section  - - (product)+  >
<!ATTLIST section  ident  CDATA #REQUIRED     runhead  CDATA #REQUIRED >
<!ELEMENT product  - - (produnit | techtip | index)+  >
<!ATTLIST product  headline CDATA #REQUIRED >
 the correct pair of "ears"/page headings on every page, every time.

How do I also get this page heading text into a TOC. LOF or IDX with the 
page #s.

The page headings look . . .

12PT CAPS                                     p1         |      p2 
24Pt Cap and Lower Case                p1         |      p2       Cap and 
Lower Case 24Pt

thanks for your help and the best to all,

dick doll
sgmlindy at 

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