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> I've just noticed that there seems to be some sort of "time-out" on the F8
> and F9 shortcut keys (to apply a character format and paragraph format,
> respectively) in FM8.
> In earlier versions of FM, you could press F9, type the first (couple of)
> character(s) of a paragraph format and then ENTER.  You could see the
> names of the paragraph format appear in the lower-left corner of your
> FrameMaker window. This was a really nice feature: you didn't have to let
> go of your keyboard to use the mouse and you didn't have to display the
> catalogs, which saved some screen real estate. Now, in FM8, when I press
> F9, I just get to see the names of paratags for 2 seconds in the
> lower-left corner of my FM window, which makes it impossible to use these
> shortcuts.

Hello Framers,

I have noticed this problem also. It affects also the CTRL+0 shortcut to get 
the list of variables and many other (maybe all) shortcuts.

I have noticed that this may suddenly happen after another program has 
started (I can not remember which). 

Some of these situations can be cleared by pressing ALT several times and 
then pressing CTRL several times and also SHIFT. That indicates that the 
keyboard state has been mangled up by some process. In most cases however 
only a restart of FM8 helps.

The problem was first observed by Shlomo Perets (www.mictrotype.com).

A problem which might not be resolved is this:
If you have various input locales defined (for example, to switch between an 
US and a Swiss keyboard layout) these locales are switched by ALT+SHIFT (a 
default Windows set-up that can be changed in CP > Regional settings > 
Language > Details> Change Key Sequence...).
On the other hand, FM uses ALT+SHIFT+arrow to move a graphic object by 6 
pixels). After this move you will/may have the keyboard switched... (once 
this was to cyrillic in my case).  

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