If I resize a specific graphic (a number balloon) and hit Ctrl+Z, I get the

Internal Error 7204, 6107874, 7775428, 0. FrameMaker has detected a serious
problem and must quit. 

A file named "c:\program
files\adobe\framemaker7.2\FrameLog_07.09.10_08.44.05.txt" has been generated
which contains information that may help Frame development improve the
product for future releases. 

Please describe your recent actions and send this, along with the generated
file, to fmerror at adobe.com. Due to the volume of feedback, we are unable to
respond to technical questions. For support, please refer to

And after OK has been pressed 

Adobe FrameMaker (Structured): FrameMaker.exe - Application Error 
The instruction at "0x0034199f" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The
memory could not be "read". 

Click on OK to terminate the program 

I looked this up on the internet and downloaded the 7.2b144 update,
restarted Frame and the same thing happens. Any answers out there? (Other
than "Don't perform the undo after resizing!")

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