Announcing FrameScript 5.0

Receive a 10% discount!
(Details below)

FrameScript 5.0 will be released and available to purchase beginning  
Monday, September 24th, 2007, at 9:00am EST.  A special 10% discount  
will be offered for all FrameScript 5.0 license and upgrade orders  
received from September 24th through September 30th.

Our new and improved FrameScript website will also be launched on  
September 24th to accommodate FrameScript 5.0 orders including a new  
and less complicated FrameScript registration process.  To order,  
please use the secure online order form that will be located on the  
new FrameScript website at (no phone orders  

FrameScript 5.0 will support FrameMaker versions 6.0, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2  
and will install and run on FrameMaker 8 (with some limited  
functionality).  A future FrameScript 5.0 release that will fully  
support FrameMaker 8 is currently development, however a release date  
at this time is not available.

Pricing Information:

FrameScript 5.0

$ 134.95*

(US $)

FrameScript 5.0 Upgrade

$ 80.95*

(US $)

*Special pricing valid September 24th through September 30, 2007 only.

Customers that purchased FrameScript 4.1 from August 1st 2007 through  
September 23rd  2007 , will be entitled to a free FrameScript 5.0  
upgrade.  To receive your free upgrade, contact  marjorie at

FrameScript 5.0 Features:

?         Structured Import/Export functionality
?         ElmStudio Script Editor now has a standalone version.
?         ScriptBuilder functionality for ElmStudio
?          ExPat Xml input reader interface (EExPatXml Object).
?         Text Parser (ETextParser Object)
?         New EForm Control Tab Control (ETabCtrl Object).
?         New EForm Control Grid Control (EGridCtrl Object).
?         New EForm Images (standard icons, Exclamation, Question,  
Error, Information)
?         New Data type (DataList)
?         New Data type (DataRecord)
?         Updated array features.
?         New eUtl functions (GetPropertyValue, SetPropertyValue and  
?         New Global variables ThisProc, TextItemNameList,  
NotificationNameList, CharPropChangeNameList
Note:   Our sales office hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00am to  
5:00pm EST.

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